What do you want to be when you grow up?

For some children in Honduras, this question is incomprehensible.

For kids who’ve been orphaned or abandoned, physically or sexually abused…kids who’ve seen a parent turn tricks or be savagely murdered…the question is more simple: “How do I survive?”

When we founded the Mission Lazarus Refuge 10 years ago, we wanted it to be a place where children who have suffered unthinkable hardships would not just survive, but thrive. We envisioned a place where they would be loved, nurtured and respected as individuals. A place where each child would know that his or her needs, hurts and dreams matter to the Refuge “family” — and to a loving God.     

Today, 42 children call the Refuge home. With one trained Christian caregiver for every five children, each child receives love, personal attention and spiritual discipleship in a homelike environment. Siblings are kept together and whenever possible, we maintain ties with the children’s families and work to reunite them. Children living at the Refuge get a K-12 education, plus whatever medical care and counseling they need.  

When asked to name their career aspirations recently, the children were quick to volunteer answers: doctor, teacher, agricultural engineer, fireman, policeman, nurse, computer technician, mechanic, psychologist, pharmacist.

How that makes our hearts sing! We believe that these children are the amazing future of their country and deserve to be empowered to chase their dreams. We are honored that the central government of Honduras has recognized Mission Lazarus Refuge as the model orphanage home for the country.

Yet our joy is tempered by the knowledge that the Honduran government is asking us to take more than 40 additional children who urgently need placement. Sadly, we get no government money and we simply can’t afford to care for these children with our current finances. Excruciatingly painful as it is, we will have to turn them away — unless we can turn to you, the Body of Christ, for help. 

Will you prayerfully consider helping us give these children a chance at the abundant life our Lord promised, a chance to dream?

It costs $850 to house, feed, heal, educate, disciple and train one child for a month; $10,000 will provide life-changing care for a child for one year.

Your gift in any amount will help us improve our facilities, hire more staff — and open our doors wide to these children in need.

Thank you for partnering with us in blessing the lives of these precious children and in breaking the cycle of poverty and abuse in Honduras. May God bless you abundantly at Christmas and in the New Year!

In Christ,

Jarrod Brown   Allison Brown

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