Distinctive Consulting is a consequence of Distinctive Values. 

When we consult with organizations, some common difficulties that often emerge are operational deficiencies, underdeveloped leadership, lack of clarification of the mission, vision, strategy, and tactics of the organization, unclear communications with champions and volunteers, inadequate or nonexistent governance framework with the board, and/or lack of financial accountability and transparency.

Our values propagate an intentional culture of hope, energy, and movement among our staff as well as those who receive our services.  These are ingredients for transformation at personal and corporate levels.  We steward our ideas and actions by anticipating both intended and unintended results before implementation in accordance with our philosophy to "First, do no harm." and "Teach a man to fish."

You don't just want to make an impact, you want to maximize the impact you can have with the resources at your disposal.  We get that, and we can help you do that better.


About Jarrod

Jarrod is the current CEO and graduated from Abilene Christian University with degrees in International Business and Spanish, after studying abroad in Spain, England, and Argentina.  He is passionate about holistic development as an effective hybridized approach to ministry and business.  His organizational strengths include: 

  • Leadership Development 

  • Fiscal accountability/Transparency                       

  • Development/Fundraising

  • SWOT/Strategy/Tactics

  • Spiritual Development (Discipleship)

  • Resource management

  • Cultural implications                                                  


About Allison

Allison graduated from Vanderbilt University with a masters degree in nursing.  As medical director, she safeguards the quality of all medical, dental, and social services that the organization provides through its medical and dental clinics, as well as the Refuge, a group of homes for vulnerable children.  Her skill sets include: 

  • Child and family welfare
  • Residential operations
  • Caregiver training
  • Healthcare development
  • Key performance indicators
  • Communications
  • Cultural implications

Contact Us

If you think that we may be able to serve you in a consulting capacity, please call us at 615.250.0229 or fill out the contact form to get in touch with us.  Thank you!