When was Mission Lazarus founded?

Founder Jarrod Brown began living in Honduras in 2001, collaborating with a single Honduran preacher who exposed him to the many isolated and rural villages in the region.  Jarrod remembers, "It's not the opportunities, as much as the setbacks, that cause you to re-examine your commitment.  If you quit, you likely miss out on something great just ahead, but if it spurs you on, you overcome the challenges through sheer perseverance."

After launching several early education centers in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and opening a medical clinic in a mountain village, Mission Lazarus was incorporated in 2004, because of the rapid growth and development opportunities.  Allison told us, "I remember asking myself, 'What are you here for, if you play it safe and back away from the tough challenges?' I knew then, that our purpose was to step into situations that seemed hopeless or impossible."

Since 2004, Mission Lazarus has grown to include operations in both Honduras and Haiti, with a holistic focus on individual, family, community and economic development to create transformative experiences with a loving God.