In June 2012 we reported on Olman Santeliz and how a random attempted car jacking in Honduras had left him fighting for his life.  Olman had been shot twice in the face.  After visiting the emergency room of three hospitals and being sent away to die he was finally admitted at the fourth, the Honduras Medical Center, a modern hospital with great doctors and great equipment.  Olman’s surgeries alone were miraculous.  The amount of reconstruction and the incredible discovery that no nerves, major arteries or veins, nor his vocal chords had been damaged amazed everyone.  His recovery, lightening fast, astounded the doctors and surgeons who had said that his injuries were not injuries to survive from. 

The reality though is that in developing nations obtaining the medical treatment that Olman received is very expensive, insurance is not an option, and most will die from these injuries.  At the time of Olman’s attack he was in his junior year of Engineering School.  Olman was an inspiration to many at Mission Lazarus. He had lived part of his adolescence on the ranch, his father being one of the ranch foremen.  But Olman was different and when he was offered a scholarship to go to college he did not hesitate to accept the challenge.  When word made it across the U.S. about Olman injuries concerned Christians began to respond.  Within only a few weeks funds had been donated to cover the current hospital expenses and within a few months some $70,000 of hospital bills were paid in full.

Olman made a complete recovery.  He was able to make up the work that he had missed in the university and in December of 2013 Olman graduated with a degree in Agronomy Engineering. 

In January 2014, Olman returned to the Mission Lazarus ranch, but this time as the new ranch manager.  Today Olman’s work is centered around mentoring children from the Mission Lazarus Refuge in agricultural development.  From their family garden to their daily milking of cows for the milk consumption of the home, Olman’s job is more than cultivating crops, he is cultivating lives. His story is a miraculous one, that would not have been possible without the help of our donors.  We are thankful. 

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