Jarrod Brown

Co-founder, Executive Director

Jarrod graduated from Abilene Christian University with degrees in International Business and Spanish.  He moved to the region of Choluteca, Honduras in 2001 for a 10 month commitment to use his business skills to assist in ministerial growing pains.  During those 10 months, God opened Jarrod’s eyes to an amazing amount of opportunity to use a business approach to create sustainable opportunities for others while sharing Christ’s love.  During his time in Honduras, Jarrod met Allison while she was on a medical missions trip, and they married in 2003.  Together, Jarrod and Allison founded Mission Lazarus in 2004, a 501c3 non-profit organization.  Mission Lazarus now has full time operations in both Honduras and Haiti that includes Spiritual, Educational, Medical, and Agricultural outreaches and 27 churches have been planted.  After nearly 10 years in Honduras, Jarrod and Allison, along with their two children, Sol and Levi, recently moved to the Nashville area where they have established state side operations to provide management and support to the ministry that is becoming a global effort.


Allison Brown

Co-founder, Medical Director

Allison is a certified nurse practitioner with a passion for human development.  In 2003 she opened Mission Lazarus' first clinic in a rural mountain village to provide primary care and nutritional service to women and children in southern Honduras.  Advocacy and case management for children with special needs also became an integral part of medical services, with cases generated by referrals from national specialists as well as medical brigades.  In 2007, Allison developed and directed the operations for the Mission Lazarus Refuge, a new project to provide homes for at-risk children.  The Mission Lazarus Refuge opened officially in 2008.  Allison's current role includes development of social and health services within Mission Lazarus for both Honduras and Haiti.