We are excited about your interest in traveling with us to Haiti. 

While visiting mission groups are not the primary focus of what we do, they are an important and crucial part of what we do.  We welcome groups who desire to fulfill the call that Christ has placed on all Christians to preach the Good News.  Projects such as medical/dental brigade, home construction, school construction, and church building construction are some of the ways groups can have a real impact on the communities we serve. 

Check out the FAQ sections where all of your questions regarding travel details, immunizations, budgeting, and others are further explained. 



Learn all about preparing for your trip to the things you'll need during your trip. 


Learn all about preparing for your trip to the things you'll need during your trip. 

Transportation & Logistics

You and your group will travel to Cap Haitien from the United States via American Airlines. 

Because of the complexity involved in arriving and departing Haiti we prefer to make all the travel arrangements for teams working with Mission Lazarus – Haiti.  Once your team arrives in Haiti, a Mission Lazarus team member will receive you either inside the airport or outside in the parking area.

Between the Immigration/Customs area and the parking lot please stay with your group. Many baggage handlers will want to carry your luggage for you. We work with a specific group and the “boss” should show you a Mission Lazarus sign or a business card from a Mission Lazarus employee. This is how you will know to who to trust with your bags. You are welcome to carry your own, but these guys make a living on tips. It may seem as though violence will break out among them, but it’s just the way they are. Please do not tip the baggage handlers directly; you can reimburse us for the tips later, but let the ML team member take care of the tips.

Your accommodations will be a short drivefrom the airport, but, depending on traffic, it can take from 20 minutes to two hours. The roads and traffic have been described as "organized chaos."

For more info on logistics and travel, check out our FAQ or email us.

Packing Suggestions

To prepare you for your trip, here is a suggested list to help you pack your bags. These are recommendations, feel free to add or remove whatever you wish. 

If you haven't already, please take a look at our cultural guidelines.

Medical- Immunization & Malaria Pills

The areas where we work typically have a rather high infestation of mosquitoes, so measures should be taken to prevent malaria.  But paranoia is not necessary: there are many people who have lived here for years and have yet to get malaria.  

Maximize your time in Haiti and keep from getting sick by taking a few precautions.  Please check out the CDC's website for Haiti for the recommended immunizations. 


Group & Lodging Photos

We're working to put together a collection of photos from the groups who have helped us be God's hands and feet in. Without the help of these groups, many projects could not have been accomplished in a such a short amount of time.

Use #mlvolunteers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and we'll repost your pictures! If you are a photographer and would like to work with us on special photography projects email us at

Passport & Visa Requirements

Since you will be leaving the USA on this trip, don't forget to apply for your passport at least three months in advance. It will be important to give it as much time as possible to process, as expediting the application can be very expensive.

To find out more about the passport application, visit

Haiti issues a free 90 day tourist visa for US citizens. Group members are responsible for marking tourist on their immigration forms.

If you have a passport, please check the expiration date. Your passport needs to be valid at least 6 months AFTER the date you plan to leave Haiti for your return to the USA. If your passport will expire before then please apply for an updated passport immediately. This process can also take several weeks. You will need your updated passport before you leave the USA.

Buy a Mission Lazarus Passport cover by clicking on the link and visiting our store.  The profits will benefit the Mission Lazarus Vocational Schools. 

Buy a Mission Lazarus Passport cover by clicking on the link and visiting our store.  The profits will benefit the Mission Lazarus Vocational Schools. 

Budget & Expenses

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Mission Lazarus provides each group with a cost breakdown for their trip, which covers the basic expenses such as lodging, rental vehicles, fuel, food, water, internet access, airfare and project costs. We also require that each person get medical evacuation coverage (MedJet).
Individuals may wish to bring along some extra cash for the purchase of snacks and souvenirs. 

If you are considering organizing a missions team to work with Mission Lazarus Haiti please fill out the following form and a representative will contact you with further details. 

Guidelines & Waivers

During your stay, it will be important to abide by Mission Lazarus' code of conduct.

Please take a moment to download, read, and sign the provided forms. Once you've signed the forms, turn them in to your group leader. Also, to better prepare you for your trip, we've provided some information on the language and culture in Honduras.

Please read and sign the waiver and guidelines before making your trip to Honduras


Based on our experience with Honduran and Haitian culture, here is a list of guidelines for groups traveling to work with us.



In order to protect you and Mission Lazarus in the event of an accident, please sign and turn in this liability waiver.



Learn about Haiti's history, culture, and language. Prepare for your trip and understand the country's heritage.



If you have any questions, please visit the FAQ page or you can email us or subscribe to our newsletter to get the newest updates.