Bringing eternal worth to light. 


Our Mission

Mission Lazarus enriches lives in the developing world by advancing its raw potential for everlasting generational change. 

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Our Impact

Transformation is a process, not something that happens in a moment. It occurs privately and commercially - in hearts, homes, schools, churches, clinics, and businesses. We work in all of these settings in two of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere - Honduras and Haiti - to catalyze meaningful, lasting change.


What does that really mean? 


We tackle the tricky problem of brokenness by creating opportunities which help people get to a better place in their lives.  Above all is our unwavering commitment to deliver holistic, Christcentric services so that we can declare the worth of being made in the image of God.



% Sustainable Growth

We are proud that our social enterprise endeavors not only produce fair-wage jobs, but also contribute to our financial sustainability and projected growth. 


Years Serving communities

Our sweet spot is serving rural communities, which often have no access to the abundant development opportunities made available by large NGOs in urban settings. 


Individuals Impacted

And not superficially, either.  We strategically seek repeated contact with the beneficiaries of our services because our desire is to support life transformation.


Our Initiatives


Personal Development

The best thing about working one-on-one with an individual is the potential to provide a safe space for meaningful connection and support in our medical, educational, and spiritual growth programs.  Self-care, knowledge, and faith are the intangible (and unassailable) transformative outcomes of personal support. 

Family Development

We work with families out of a conviction that families should stay together. We provide resources, education, counseling, and direct care to increase family resilience and provide sustainable strategies to improve quality of family life.  We also care for vulnerable children who require removal from their home due to abuse, neglect, or the death of their parents.

Community Development

Engaging church leaders is often an effective way to effect change in the community as well as reveal God’s presence and relevance in the everyday lives of people.  Improvements in education, infrastructure, and health services benefit the entire community today, as well as tomorrow, for the glory of God.  

Economic Development

Families and communities with a secure income can take care of today as well as plan for the future, and play an active role in the continued development of their own family members, congregation, and community.  For these reasons, we are committed to teaching job skills and providing jobs that pay dignified wages in employment-deprived communities.

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September 2017

I'm a fan of everything Mission Lazarus has going on.

Zach Crowell, Nashville Producer, Songwriter / Songs on a Mission


September 2012

Development must be both inward and outward.

Dr. Monty Lynn, Abilene Christian University / Read Full Article