The Measure. 


We look at how we have created, strengthened, positioned and supported others in their ability to thrive.  We are relationship-oriented, rather than task/program-based, and because both sides make repeated investment in the relationship, we share a mutual interest in achieving a transformational outcome.

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Personal Development

Serving the Mind

Knowledge, Truth & Life Skills

Our educators believe that education unlocks and develops potential. We offer instruction to students throughout their life span through preschool and primary centers, literacy programs, vocational training, and secondary and university-level scholarships.  Our commitment extends to educators through continual teacher training.  


1000+ students from 5 education centers

Serving the Body

Health & Well-being

Our health care providers pursue people, not their diseases or conditions, upholding dignity and using best practice guidelines to cure or manage spiritual and physical illness.  Our team is committed to demonstrate that every person is worthy of quality treatment, regardless of the obstacles that poverty presents to individuals and families.


20,000+ patient encounters from 3 clinics

Serving the Soul

Spiritual Enrichment

Our leadership and pastoral teams create discipleship opportunities with program directors, employees, teachers, patients, students, pastors, and church members.  Our team of passionate leaders create safe spaces and assume the role of life coach and spiritual mentor to much of our own staff as well as beneficiaries of our programs.


100,000 souls have heard "Good News"


Family Development


Holistic Caregiving 

The Refuge is a community of homes which approximate a family environment with an emphasis on appropriate family modeling, consistency, routine, and supervision.  We honor each child’s story, trusting in God’s power to heal wounds and redeem every situation. We believe in holistic caregiving because every child deserves to be cherished and to pass on a healthy family legacy.


60+ vulnerable children have taken refuge in our homes.


Family Case Management

Social support is provided to families through internal referral among our development programs.  We work with families to ascertain the minimal level of temporary support (intervention) needed to achieve a level of stability not possible on their own during crisis.  These needs may include housing, employment, scholarships, or surgical case management, among others.  

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200+ families have received support services.

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Community Development


Public Health

Our campaigns engage the community through health promotion and prevention, allowing volunteer teams to realize health screenings and well-checks, build latrines and water wells, and share essential health teachings with entire communities.  As we build and deepen existing relationships with community leaders, our influence increases.

Community Engagement

Our pastors engage their communities through participatory development, such as water, engineering, construction, and electrical projects.  They also provide counseling and supportive services for families, and love people inside and outside of the church through home visits, social activities, seminars, and curricula for individual, small group, and congregational Bible study.


100+ communities served by 20+ congregations.


50+ communities served by public health initiatives.


Economic Development


Job Creation

Our social enterprises demonstrate our commitment to create new job opportunities in a region where gainful employment is scarce, as well as to generate a greater percentage of our operational expenses internally. Currently, our coffee farm, ranch, artisan shop, hotel and restaurant, among others, generate 25% of our budget.


200+ jobs created thru 5 for-profit business ventures. 

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