Mission Lazarus operates a early 2,000 acre working ranch producing beef, milk, coffee, vegetables, and a learning environment where the children of the Mission Lazarus Refuge are able to learn responsibility, trust and are empowered to make a difference in this world. 

From ongoing agricultural training seminars which train farmers in cost-effective techniques, to cooperative-based projects and seed and fertilizer distribution, Mission Lazarus continues to build relationships with rural mountain communities while God opens doors to teach His Word and reap a harvest all His own.

San Lazaro Estate Coffee

Mission Lazarus stewards a high-impact organic coffee plantation which pays a fair wage to all workers, from pickers to managers, while maintaining a strong commitment to ongoing development throughout the community.  This is evidenced by a program where families are invited to sell their harvest directly to Mission Lazarus at a price equal to or above market value without the middleman. 

We have a specific site dedicated to our coffee.  If you would like to know all of the details about our production methods and coffee visit the San Lazaro Estate Coffee site, or click on the link below and shop for a bag of coffee right away. 


Sustainable Life Program

Supplies families with livestock such as goat, sheep, chicken or cow, which produces income or consumables, and has reproductive capacity to multiply the stock. This livestock is raised on our ranch which provides jobs and ongoing engagement with the community. The ranch creates hands-on training for opportunities for children from The Refuge children's home. 


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