Most farmers in Latin America depend entirely on the harvest to live. These subsistence farmers and their families suffer hunger and more when there is a bad crop. From ongoing agricultural training seminars which train farmers in cost-effective techniques, to cooperative-based projects and seed and fertilizer distribution, Mission Lazarus continues to build relationships with rural mountain communities while God opens doors to teach His Word and reap a harvest all His own.

Current outreach methods include: 

  • Training Seminars

  • Grain Project

  • Beef Production

  • Dairy Production

  • Horticulture

  • Coffee Production

  • Timber Production

  • Training for the Children of the Refuge

See how the San Lazaro Estate Coffee is harvested. 

San Lazaro Estate Coffee

Mission Lazarus stewards a high-impact organic coffee plantation which pays a fair wage to all workers, from pickers to managers, while maintaining a strong commitment to ongoing development throughout the community.  This is evidenced by a program where families are invited to sell their harvest directly to Mission Lazarus at a price equal to or above market value without the middleman. 

Visit the San Lazaro Estate Coffee site.

Join our coffee club.

By joining our coffee club you will have one or two bags of coffee shipped directly to you each month. While most of the agriculture development efforts stay within country in Honduras and Haiti, San Lazaro Estate Coffee is your direct connection to our agriculture programs.  You can donate directly to the program or buy bag of coffee

Sustainable Life Program

Supplies families with livestock such as goat, sheep, chicken or cow, which produces income or consumables, and has reproductive capacity to multiply the stock. The livestock is raised on our ranch which provides jobs and ongoing engagement with the community. The ranch creates hands-on training for opportunities for children from The Refuge children's home. 

You can purchase cards and make a donation that will directly benefit this program.  Upon your purchase you will receive a printable card via email that states the donation you have made on behalf of a family member or friend.  


Agriculture in Haiti

While our focus in Haiti is more towards education, we are currently working with the church we partner with in Gras.  Located about one hour from the second largest city in Haiti, Cap Haitian, Gras is a community of about 20,000 farmers and laborers.  Gras is located on a large coastal plain and has the potential to produce a large amount of agricultural products.  We are partnering with the local church in Gras to help complete the construction of an irrigation canal that will bring much needed water to this arid plain to irrigate crops.  This canal was begun by the Haitian government in the 80’s and was never finished.  Once the canal is finished we hope to participate in numerous types of agriculture development and training projects through the local church. 

Meet the Team

Our agriculture team focuses on managing the ranch and working with the children at the Refuge as well as harvesting the San Lazaro Estate Coffee.  They are all passionate about respecting and taking nature as it provides for their income and well-being.  Recently a church that meets at the coffee plantation was started by these employees and the community that is growing blesses many people. 

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