Our educational programs are outreaches of local churches to their communities.  As with all of our programs, the services offered are a gesture of love and no religious affiliation is required to be blessed by the program.  The only requirement for enrollment is to have legitimate need.

Early Childhood Development Centers (ECDC)

All of the children the ECDC’s receive a Christian education as well as two meals a day. These center focus on serving at risk children in vulnerable communities in Honduras and Haiti.

Vocational Schools

We provide a basic education as well as a practical trade to at-risk youth in isolated communities. This education provides tangible benefits for the students' families and its future generations. Students complete a primary education through a government approved program and vocational education through sewing, shoemaking, leather-smithing, and carpentry.

Education Center (MLEC) - Haiti

Opening in the fall of 2014, the MLEC was created as a response to the overwhelming amount of orphanages in Haiti.  Partnering with mothers who cannot provide for their children, the MLEC will be an option for children instead of being left at orphanages across the country.