The medical ministry functions as an instrument for the people it serves, people of minimal financial income and great medical need, to know Jesus and His Church through direct medical treatment, health education, and direct and indirect evangelism, never denying consultation due to lack of financial resources, and always allowing for glory and recognition to be given first and foremost to Jesus and His Church using Christ’s own example of Preaching, Teaching and Healing.

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Nutrition Program

Women's Health Program

Medical Brigades and Special Cases

If you work in the medical field and would like to volunteer, you can travel or offer your services to the special cases.

Medical Clinics

The Mission Lazarus Medical Clinics seek to focus, not only on physical ailments and treatment of disease processes, but on the patient in their entirety. Seeking to provide medical treatment, preventative education and spiritual care is part of the holistic approach that Mission Lazarus strives to integrate into all of its outreaches.

Each clinic offers health care for a variety of needs from treatment of acute ailments, management of chronic diseases, to health education and spiritual care and support. The clinics serve as outreaches of local churches, seeking to bring honor and glory to God.

  • Las Pitas Clinic: The Las Pitas Clinic is located in a remote jungle village. It was built in 2002 after local church members shared about the great need for medical attention in their community. As word of the clinic spread, patients began to travel long distances to receive care in Las Pitas. Patients have been known to walk up to two days from as far away as the Nicaraguan border, while others from distant towns hitch rides in 4 x 4 trucks. Patients are required to pay a nominal fee for medical consult and medication, which is the equivalent to about 50 cents. Sometimes payment is received in the form of firewood, eggs, fruit, or a lending hand, but sick patients are never turned away. There are now more than 3,000 patients on file with the Las Pitas Clinic.
  • Cedeno Clinic: The Cedeno Clinic is located in a pacific coast fishing community. The vast majority of the population in this area depends entirely on the sea for its income and survival. The instability of the fish and seafood markets can make it very difficult for people to provide the necessary health care for their large families. The clinic grounds not only house the clinic but are also used as the meeting place for the local church. In addition to the clinic, the church also has other outreaches such as a purified water program and a lunch program, in an effort to help meet the needs of this specific community. The Cedeno Clinic opened its doors on a part time basis in 2010 and already has more than 700 families on file.

Nutrition Program

The Mission Lazarus Nutrition Program was started in 2005, as a preventative measure, in response to several early childhood deaths that the clinic encountered as a result of malnutrition. The medical ministry has formed partnerships in the care of each child through a monthly U.S. sponsor. Over 85 children are supported by this outreach. A monthly sponsorship of $30 per child covers educational seminars on child nutrition and health, monthly medical check-ups, necessary medications including vitamins and food supplementation, as well as a provision of fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, meat and eggs, through our yearly "chicken handout."

The goal of the nutrition program is more than just providing food to hungry mouths. Though feeding the hungry is a noble cause, we feel called to do more. We are here to work in a holistic way to help improve the lives of the children around us. We are here to show the children and their families God's love.

Women's Health Program

Created based on a need observed both in the clinic and in the women of the local congregations, the Women’s Health Program exists both to educate and prevent, as well as to provide funds for treatment. In this two fold program the first intervention includes a screening program hosted by the Mission Lazarus clinics to provide reproductive health education, women’s health exams and access to birth control. The second intervention involves pairing brothers and sisters in the US with women in Honduras to sponsor treatment, should an annual exam reveal an abnormal result.

The Women’s Health Program serves as a way to show God’s love to His daughters, both by ensuring that women from rural Honduras receive consistent reproductive health exams, as well as offering opportunities for individuals or churches from the US to sponsor the medical or surgical interventions necessary.

Medical Brigades

Medical Brigades occur most often in the summer months when visiting physicians, dentists and nurses come down from the US to provide medical treatment. Medical Brigades generally last four days and are usually able to assess and treat around 1,000 people.  Due to the high volume of patients treated, brigades are often helpful in identifying special cases that need further follow up. Brigades serve as a way to take an accurate health census of an entire community for future medical outreaches. Brigades also function as a means to stock the pharmacy shelves of the Mission Lazarus Clinics with donated medications from the visiting physicians.

Medical Brigades function as an opportunity for evangelism and to provide a medical outreach to an area of high medical need where the Church does not yet have a presence or at an established church location where medical attention is of great need.  If you’d like to join a medical brigade in Honduras or Haiti or lead one to serve with us please contact us

Special Case Program

Between the Mission Lazarus Clinics, the Nutrition Programs and the Medical Brigades, the medical outreach often encounters many children with “special cases.” A special case is considered as a child who has a chronic illness or requires a surgical intervention, who also does not have the means to pay for or access the medical intervention that they require, be it in Honduras or abroad.  As is often the case, the illness cannot be treated in Honduras and Mission Lazarus looks for other means of obtaining treatment for the child. Mission Lazarus has built working relationships with several non-profit medical organizations and doctors in the US that aid the medical ministry in getting the children to the US to receive the surgery that they desperately need.  The most common illnesses that the medical ministry encounters are related to congenital birth defects.

It is the medical ministries’ goal to show Christ’s love to the children of Honduras by providing them with access to advanced healthcare that they would not otherwise encounter.

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