Mission Lazarus believes in economic development as a means to provide for the legacy of a Christian family.  The Social Enterprise program was created to provide dignified wages to coffee workers and leather artisans who’s products are then retailed in gifts shops in Honduras and in the US. This income is shaping the hopes and the dreams of the Social Enterprise employees who now, for perhaps the first time in their lives, are able to provide for their family’s needs.

Since the creation of the first schools in 2002 our program has grown.   Today we have a vocational sewing schools, a leather working school, a boot making school and a carpentry school. The coffee grown at the San Lazaro Estate Coffee Farm is also a major component of our Social Enterprise program. 

Our leather products are handmade at the vocational school in San Marcos. 

Raised in the mountains of La Botija in Southeastern Honduras is smooth yet bold coffee.