With a focus on the poor, rural areas in Latin America, Mission Lazarus works daily with local preachers to augment growth in their existing congregations as well as to collaborate in plans for church-planting. If a preacher will plan an outreach, organize it, and see it through, Mission Lazarus will form a collaborative relationship with the preacher to support his work plan.

We focus on:

  • Church Planting
  • Christian Leadership Training Center
  • Campaigns
  • Missions Teams

Church Planting

When Mission Lazarus began in 2001 there were three struggling partner churches.  Today that number has grown to over 20 churches in Honduras with new church plants being added faster than we’re able to establish leaders to lead them.  Everything that we do is aimed at planting and growing churches.  Whether it’s a school, clinic, or construction of a new home, our goal is to bring people to Christ through unconditional acts of love.  The results have been staggering.

In Haiti we currently partner with churches in the following places:

  • Canaan III : This congregation serves a population that was largely displaced by the 2010 earthquake.  This congregation is a bright light for these families who face many challenges including the simplest of needs, daily meals. 
  • Lalomas: This congregation in a very rural setting is comprised of farmers.  Due to the unpredictable weather patterns that plague the nation of Haiti crops are prone to fail.  The Lalomas congregation is a place to find hope in what often times seem like hopeless circumstances.
  • Gras: The minister of the church in Gras has joy written all over him.  When asked how Mission Lazarus could best help him and his congregation he told us to “Come and preach”.  So that’s what we’ll do, however not just with words, but with actions as well.
  • Foret de Pin: Tucked away in an amazing high elevation Pine Forest this community is isolated and getting their alone is monumental.  With few resources to offer, this congregation is excited to have a partner to help them serve the needy of their community.

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