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Our Approach


Our years of experience in the field have helped us to develop core values and best practices that direct our organizational approach.  

First, Do No Harm.  We refuse to engage in charity practices that promote dependence, reinforce feelings of helplessness, and destroy the dignity of human beings.  

Both - And.  Development and Discipleship are interdependent elements.  Each endorses the other's authenticity.  "Both-And" replaces "Either-Or" and communicates genuine care of the whole person. The bottom line:  Where one goes, the other should also.

Rules of Engagement.  With endless need and limited resources, we partner with and invest in individuals and communities who actively seek to improve their current circumstances.  Our partners are not passive recipients of charity, they are the primary change agent of their future.  We are a catalyst for that change.  

Relationship as Process.  Transformation is continuous and life-long.  It's not a "one-off" and is not achieved in the short-term.  Commitment must exist on both sides to achieve goals. 

Teach a Man to Fish.   It's better than gold.  No one can steal knowledge away from a person.  No one can steal salvation away either.  What's more, both knowledge and salvation can be shared with others.