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My hope and shield.

Allison Brown

It seems that hope is something you just can't get at in the absence of faith and love. Like it's there in the middle because hope is a state that exists because faith and love act together in your life.

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Thank God for his hernia.

Mission Lazarus

Alejandrino Alvarez will forever thank God that his hernia caused him so much pain and swelling that he finally made an appointment with a doctor a year later.  Though the hernia was the patient's cause of pain, our team knew that the priority was to rule out the possibility of cancer. 

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Quenching His Thirst

MZ Yazel

This is our Heavenly Father calling to us, “thirsting” for us to not throw our hands up in despair, but to hold them up in surrender, kneel down and ask Him to show us our part in reaching them and then having the courage to take that step to love them as He first loved us.

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