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Current Needs


Current Program Needs

Many items that are readily available in other countries are unavailable or exorbitantly expensive in Honduras and Haiti.  Small lightweight items can be purchased and carried by volunteers in their personal luggage and delivered to the director if they travel to Honduras or Haiti.  Large, heavy items can be transported or shipped to our international office in Nashville, Tennessee, where we can store the items until arrangements for a shipping container are made.  Contact us if you have any questions!



Copy paper (letter)

3 Ring Binders (5 inch capacity, locking D-rings)

Laminating film rolls 27", 1" core size, 1.5 or 3mm thickness, gloss or matte

Ricoh toner cartridges Black 842119.  Yellow 842120. Red 842121.  Blue 842122.

Replacement housewares for the Refuge 



12 Laptop computers for school lab

Dry-erase markers

DVD player

School materials for L'Academie Lazare (school in Haiti) 


Books from our Booklist


Health Care

Calamine Lotion

Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen in suspension

Infant Multivitamin with Iron

Pediasure (vanilla only)

Melatonin 3mg tabs

Portable (i.e. battery charged) pulse oximeter

Preston CPR dummies (adult and infant)



Plastic Safety Goggles

Chain saw

3 Portable Eyewash Stations