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Economic Development


Lazarus Artisan Goods

Our social enterprises in Honduras and Haiti demonstrate our commitment to create new and sustainable job opportunities in a region where gainful employment is scarce, as well as our ongoing initiative to internally generate a percentage of our operations budget. Currently, our coffee farm, ranch, artisan shop, hotel and restaurant employ over 50 people and generates 25% of our budget.

201202 coffee harvest ml plantation san lazaro estate5.jpg

San Lazaro Coffee

The San Lazaro Estate is a coffee farm located within the Sierra de la Botija Forest, named in 2017 by UNESCO as a world heritage biological reserve due to its biodiversity. We grow four varieties of coffee, primarily caturra, which is grown in a rich volcanic soil that informs its piquancy. Our coffee farm is certified fair trade through Fair Trade USA.    

We provide employment to more than 50 families on the mountain. For these families, coffee has always been their heritage but it has not ever been a viable livelihood.  We are proud to pay every worker 25% above established fair wages, effectively uniting heritage and livelihood again on the mountain.