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A Look at 2015


A Look at 2015

Mission Lazarus

Since 2001, Mission Lazarus has used opportunities to serve the poor of rural Honduras to empower individuals to meet their own needs by participating in community development, be it a church, school, clinic, home, or social enterprise.  We testify that holistic ministry is fruit-bearing ministry.  Twenty-five churches have been planted in southern Honduras and many are poised to share Jesus with surrounding rural communities.  

For all intents and purposes, these newly targeted communities are remote, isolated, and inaccessible, even to Mission Lazarus because our only awareness of the existence of these villages comes as a result of the evangelistic efforts of the local leadership amongoriginal church plants.  And without the funding to support additional church plants, these communities remain invisible and untouched by the word of God.    

We need your help.  At present, there are ten such villages in Honduras where we have an opportunity to make a difference but do not currently have the funding to move ahead.  Your financial gift will allow us to continue to reach the lost in rural southern Honduras. 

This is your invitation to do battle with us as we wage against the injustices and unkindnesses of a fallen world to spread holistic ministry in its various forms to the broken, with the promise of the wholeness that only Jesus can bring.  

Be a part of the transformation in someone’s life by making a financial gift today!