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Breaking through Barriers for Education


Breaking through Barriers for Education

Mission Lazarus

“At least 250 million children are not able to read, write or count well even for those who have spent at least four years in school.” (Education for All Monitoring Report 2011)

Our private schools seek marginalized children with potential and invest in their families throughout their educational career.  Our educators and support staff minimize those common barriers that thwart learning and allow students to thrive through parent-teacher-student connections, use of quality didactic materials, well-trained and well-paid teachers who look forward to being in the classroom, and attendance to the overall health and well-being of students.

This level of commitment requires constant student performance monitoring by key members of our staff to evaluate the learning, health, and family involvement of each student.  We can celebrate success when we make a measurable impact by keeping families together, equipping future leaders for the next generation, and making Christ known in the community. 

According to the Education for All Monitoring Report for 2012, "in Latin America and the Caribbean, over 8 million people aged 15 to 24 (~ 1 in 12 young people) have not even completed primary school and need alternative pathways to acquire basic skills for employment and prosperity". This is a problem. Our three-year apprenticeship, our training programs in carpentry, leather smithing, boot making, metal working, and sewing eliminate those barriers that diminish student enrollment and attendance, big barriers such as day labor wages, lack of transportation, and hunger.  We take out the biggest competitor to education  through a student weekly stipend, while the issue of access is resolved by a daily bus route that brings some students to school, while other students who walk are given protective footwear.  A daily devotional for spiritual perseverance and a meal for physical endurance rounded out by master artisan teachers and mentors over a three year period create an atmosphere that craft and develop character just as much as it builds skills.