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Growing the Kingdom of God

Helga Sierra

We wholeheartedly believe that human development supports vitality in the lives of individuals, churches and communities and the most effective way to create a construct for spiritual development is to model our methods after Jesus. Clearly, Jesus demonstrated that people are of paramount importance. He knew His audience and His message equally well. To the lost and passing crowds He preached how to be reconciled to God, and to those with whom He shared daily life, He taught in intimate settings how to deepen faith, hope and love to claim abundant life. 

We grow the kingdom of God by discipling church leaders to likewise disciple their church members and engage their communities in participatory development initiatives.  

"Participatory development is a process through which a group of people can influence and share control over initiatives designed for their benefit."

What we believe about evangelism:

  • Every person is created in the image of God and is therefore immeasurably valuable. 
  • Human development encompasses spiritual, moral, physical, emotional and intellectual potential. 
  • Pastoral care involves both evangelism and discipleship. 
  • Truth and self-acceptance are lessons that make a way for transformation. 
  • Every life tells a story which reveals God's pursuit to reclaim His child from the fallen world. 

Evangelism through Community Development 

We serve church leaders by providing structure and oversight for strategic evangelism, often in the form of community development, because the church is a tool that is meant to be a light in the community, a tangible evidence of God's presence and relevance in the everyday lives of people. Who, if not we who love God, should commit to serve communities through authentic concern for social issues and to generate solutions collectively? 

Discipleship through Human Development 

Secondly, we serve church leaders through intimate relationship as accountability partners, developing and upholding integrity of Christian leaders in all aspects of private and public life. Sustainability in the spiritual sense is the active and ongoing encouragement of leaders to remain faithful and grow in wisdom and spiritual maturity, so that they may disciple their own church members. 

"Wisdom begins with respect for the Lord, and understanding begins with knowing the Holy One."

Proverbs 9:10

Join with us as we seek to advance the kingdom of God here on earth and continue the good work of Jesus.