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This is real.


This is real.

Mission Lazarus

Jesus pursues His people, all people, to reveal himself and effect changes in the fallen world.  It is an unfair truth that for most places on the globe, human development is arrested by continuous, close-up assault in the form of trauma, poverty, and family instability.  The common struggle is reflected most fully in the family, where economic struggle, violence, substance abuse, incarceration, or abandonment make crisis an ongoing reality precluding the hopes and dreams of its family members - adult and child alike.  

The simple truth is that if you had a mere kernel of faith, a poppy seed, say, you would tell this mountain, ‘Move!’ and it would move. There is nothing you wouldn’t be able to tackle.
— Matt 17:20, The Message

Victory in Jesus happens by changing this trajectory.  Mission Lazarus is humbled to witness and support individuals as Jesus unabashedly pursues them with relentless abandon.  We share, with permission, Lilian's story. 

God was planning an entirely different path for her family in 2006 when her youngest daughter, Nancy, was diagnosed with a serious growth hormone deficiency.  By the time the diagnosis was confirmed, Nancy was 6 years old and still wearing size 2T clothing.  The monthly cost of her daily hormone injection was $1200 - impossible for a family whose monthly income was $30.  But as Lilian informed us, “ With God all things are possible.”  Her faith compelled us to search for over a year to secure this treatment.  When her injections were suspended almost four years later, Nancy began to grow normally unaided.  Praise God!

But another difficulty in the family needed to be dealt with.  Lilian’s husband only came around occasionally, and when he did, he was violent to her as well as Nancy and her sister Alejandra.  Suffering horrendous emotional and physical abuse in his presence, and fear and anxiety when he left only his threats behind, Lilian summoned her courage and faith in God, as well as our support, to leave him permanently, before he acted on his threat to kill her.  She left with her two girls and a suitcase full of hope.  

Without missing a beat, she applied for a job with Mission Lazarus in order to keep Alejandra and Nancy in school.  Now, eight years later, their family celebrates Alejandra’s graduation from high school, and are praying with great faith that Alejandra will be able to continue her education to become a professional teacher.  

Lilian e hijas 1.JPG

We are looking to finance a university scholarship for Alejandra and other young adults with similar stories - of God’s faith, of Christian character, and of perseverance to develop their giftings, as given to them by God for His purposes.  We are honored to bring visibility to deserving students like Alejandra;  Please consider how you can empower gifted students to reach for a brighter future, and thank you for helping their light to shine into the world.