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Their secret - contentment


Their secret - contentment

Mission Lazarus

It's hard to SEE contentment.  It's not a feeling, but you can experience its presence or absence. There's a place you can experience it, sitting in an open-air porch in a little village called Las Pitas, visiting with Don Chalo and Doña Julia at their house.   

Given that they have always been the living embodiment of hospitality, it's no surprise that they host weekly Bible study at their home.  They have always been influential in the community.  In 2003, they gave us their home to see patients while the clinic was being built.  For over a year, we claimed their bedroom as an exam room and their porch as our pharmacy.  They hosted our medical team and 40+ patients daily with energy and enthusiasm.  And at the end of each day, they thanked us.  

Over the years, Julia made a decision to follow Christ.  It took Chalo a few more years, but when he was ready, he became a believer.  At that time, there was a subtle, but significant, internal shift.  The entire reason for their engagement with their community took on a different purpose.  They want to give to others what they have freely received.  Sometimes decisions for Christ demand a radical shift in lifestyle, habits, ethics.  But sometimes, shifts are internal, subtle, harder to see.  Whether Christ activates radical internal or external change in you, all change is significant, for our good, and for His glory.