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Thank God for his hernia.


Thank God for his hernia.

Mission Lazarus

Alejandrino Alvarez will forever thank God that his hernia caused him so much pain and swelling that he finally made an appointment with a doctor a year later.  At our clinic, Dr. Nelsy Alvarado diagnosed the inguinal hernia but noticed another abnormal finding.  She was concerned it could be something more serious.  Though the hernia was the patient's cause of pain, our team knew that the priority was to rule out the possibility of cancer. 

Though Alejandrino has limited financial resources, he and his family committed sacrificially to contribute the funds that they could.  They paid for the biopsy that confirmed the dense mass in his abdomen as bladder cancer.  Mission Lazarus is blessed to subsidize the remaining expenses for surgical resection of the tumor, as well as reduction of the hernia, the patient's original complaint.  We never want a lack of financial resources to delay any patient's treatment, and with your help, we stand in Jesus' place at the bedside to encourage and support our patients through their journey back to well being.  Alejandrino and his family are grateful for your support!