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Jeiso's Bright Future


Jeiso's Bright Future

Allison Brown

It’s that nervous but proud feeling that a parent gets when their child enters that new world of independence called absence of parental supervision.  In February, we loaded a truck with a bed frame, mattress, bureau and desk, exchanged many good luck hugs, and drove two hours to Luis Landa, the best school of agriculture in our region.  It is a highly respected three-year high school program that positions its graduates positively for competitive college consideration at Zamorano University, the top agricultural university of Honduras.  While he concentrates on his high school studies, we are actively seeking commitments toward his college fund.    

Presently, Jeiso is top of his class.  He has adapted quickly, thanks in part to our extended church network in Nacaome that opened its arms to him, but mostly due to Jeiso’s charismatic personality and natural leadership.  He dives in to new things unapologetically with an air of confidence that draws others (students and teachers alike) to him.  He was elected president of the freshman class, and assists classes of second-year students with practicums in the care of crops and livestock. He has joined the local youth group and preaches on the radio once a week.  

Jeiso even manages our “mother hen” tendencies — our constant phone calls, and frequent parental visits — with a dignity unusual for a fifteen year old.  He knows what he has, and he values it:  love and support, from an entire army of mission employees, and opportunity to achieve his potential, a rare currency in Honduras.  Not only is he all in for the road ahead — seven years of agricultural education that will give him choices for a very bright future — he’s all in now, using his influence unapologetically to shine a light for Jesus in a community that’s wondering, “What is it this boy’s got?”  Without a doubt, if anyone should ask, he’ll let them know.  

We covet your prayers for Jeiso’s current course load and his future!