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Where Opportunity meets Will


Where Opportunity meets Will

Mission Lazarus

Where opportunity meets will there is potential.  We've seen the evidence in our first and only female vocational student in Haiti - Denise. She’s 25 and raising two beautiful children. She wanted an opportunity - any opportunity - and there was none to be found, until she heard of Mission Lazarus. 

Our vocational program in Haiti is unique. We have just 6 students in the program, and most have received some sort of prior training in sewing techniques. They are hungry for work, to learn more, and to hone their craft. So, we put Ernesto, our leather smithing artisan, on a plane from Honduras to northern Haiti. He trained our students in design-specific products, like the Ana Julia tote, offered insight into program development, and sourced most of our materials locally. By the time his month-long workshop was finished, the students could fully construct these bags on their own, allowing the students to continue production even as Ernesto returned to his students in Honduras.

These designs are now state-side and ready for purchase, in The Haiti Collection. Every purchase creates a demand for the product and for their craftsmanship, and this demand creates opportunity for work and continued learning

The Haiti Collection carries products which reflects its infant state. While our product line is smaller and more limited, we are planning and praying for growth, as we develop a new and Haiti-exclusive product line, and a fully functioning training and production facility. We know the potential is great.  

We hope you’ll consider a purchase to support our vocational school in Haiti, and when you get a compliment on your new leather bag, you too can share the story of economic impact, of the best thing your purchase can create- opportunity