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Beliefs in Practice


Development & Discipleship  


Intentional Relationships.  Individual development begins with providing a safe place for meaningful connection, vulnerability, and support. We long to see individuals grow in self-awareness, self-care, knowledge, and faith. All of our programs and services act as a potential entry point for relationship, and our focus on the individual is where our mission to transform lives is enacted. 

Connectedness.  Connectedness is a major indicator of the present and future success of family members. We provide resources, education, counseling, and direct care to increase family resilience and the likelihood that families will stay together.  We also care for vulnerable children who require removal from their home due to abuse, neglect, or the death of their parents.

Empowerment. All communities have inherent strengths as well as leaders who influence and motivate its members.  When a community expresses a need, our pastors liaison directly with community leaders to support development projects.  In this way, the local church is a key catalyst for improvement in community and family quality of life. 

Dignified employment.  We are committed to job training and job creation in employment-deprived communities. Through our social enterprises, we endorse God's concerned participation in the quality of life of humanity. What's more, a sustainable income generates opportunity for the continued development of other family members, congregations, and communities.