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Do you have a brand ambassador program?

Mission Lazarus

You can spread awareness of our organization to your family, friends, and church by promoting Lazarus Artisan Goods as a brand enthusiast. All you need to do is let us know when you want to host your show and we’ll send you everything you need to get your guests excited. Little hassle, little time. Did we mention there are rewards for sharing the love?  Contact us to find out more. 

What is human development?

Mission Lazarus

Human development is defined as the process of enlarging people’s freedoms and opportunities and improving their well-being. Human development is about the real freedom ordinary people have to decide who to be, what to do, and how to live.

It is often measured by looking at a country's health (life expectancy at birth,)  adult literacy rates, and gross domestic product as a snapshot of development status.  

The 2016 Human Development Report from the United Nations makes available the HDI of nearly every country in the world, classified as low, medium, high, very high in terms of human development.  If you want to look up a country's HDI, click here.  

Do you accept gifts in kind?

Mission Lazarus

We do accept gifts in kind and can supply the donor with proof of donation for tax purposes.  We ask any donor who'd like to consider a gift in kind to contact us to communicate their intent prior to the donation so that we can determine how best to utilize the gift.  

Donations of second hand clothes, books, vehicles, furniture, medication, or medical equipment/supplies can be unmanageable in Honduras and Haiti.  These donations are best made to our Stateside office in Nashville so that we can sort and ship the most needed items to the correct destination.

See our full acceptance policy for gifts in kind. 

Do you have internships?

Mission Lazarus

We do not offer paid internships, and unpaid internships are considered on an individual basis, according to our specific needs onsite in Honduras, Haiti, and our US office.  To qualify for an internship abroad, Spanish language fluency and prior professional or volunteer experience is required.  If interested, please contact us for further information.  

When was Mission Lazarus founded?

Mission Lazarus

Founder Jarrod Brown began living in Honduras in 2001, collaborating with a single Honduran preacher who exposed him to the many isolated and rural villages in the region.  Jarrod remembers, "It's not the opportunities, as much as the setbacks, that cause you to re-examine your commitment.  If you quit, you likely miss out on something great just ahead, but if it spurs you on, you overcome the challenges through sheer perseverance."

After launching several early education centers in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and opening a medical clinic in a mountain village, Mission Lazarus was incorporated in 2004, because of the rapid growth and development opportunities.  Allison told us, "I remember asking myself, 'What are you here for, if you play it safe and back away from the tough challenges?' I knew then, that our purpose was to step into situations that seemed hopeless or impossible."

Since 2004, Mission Lazarus has grown to include operations in both Honduras and Haiti, with a holistic focus on individual, family, community and economic development to create transformative experiences with a loving God.   

Why Honduras?

Mission Lazarus

Jarrod obtained degrees in Spanish and International Business in 2000.  His prior travels included Spain and Argentina, where he spent a semester studying at the University of Buenos Aires.  When his church approached him to accompany the mission team as a translator to Honduras, he agreed.  This introduction resulted in a permanent passion for the country and the people of Honduras.  Less than a year after this trip, Jarrod quit his job and moved to Honduras to collaborate with a local preacher.  Very soon, he met Allison and together they founded Mission Lazarus and made their home in southern Honduras. 

Why Haiti?

Mission Lazarus

Mission Lazarus first got involved in Haiti in 2004, partnering with Healing Hands International and CRF Relief to provide emergency humanitarian aid to churches after hurricanes ravaged the country.

Years later, Mission Lazarus responded when the devastating earthquake of January 2010 destroyed much of Port au Prince. We provided anesthesia and antibiotics that were in great demand in field hospitals and sent our three nurses to Haiti to deliver the drugs and volunteer their services in a makeshift hospital.

Mission Lazarus started focused efforts in Haiti in the fall of 2010 by joining with a group of committed Christians who were already highly invested in making Christ known. The goal of this new partnership was to combine the proven life transforming practices of Mission Lazarus with the experience of the Haiti team.

Mission Lazarus currently has a primary school and a vocational school in the village of Gras, in northeast Haiti and is partnering with local churches to seek additional community development opportunities.