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Where will we stay?

Mission Lazarus

In Honduras you will stay at The Posada, our retreat center that is open throughout the year for international tourists as well as local church groups and community functions, such as weddings, graduations or business retreats. It is also the housing site for volunteers working at Mission Lazarus. As such, it has a full-time staff to attend guests in the restaurant and souvenir shop, as well as to provide housekeeping services for the entire lodge.

In Haiti, you will be housed in a hotel in or near Cap Haitien, close to our administrative offices, wherever makes the most sense logistically depending on the projects volunteers are involved in for the week.  

What airport will we fly into?

Mission Lazarus

If you are headed to Honduras, you will fly into Tegucigalpa International Airport (TGU).  American, Continental, and Delta fly into TGU. If you don't wish to take ground transportation from the airport via bus or rental cars to your destination, you can take a regional flight to Choluteca from TGU.

In Haiti, you will fly into Cap Haitien International Airport.

Should we tip the Posada staff?

Mission Lazarus

Yes, assuming they do a good job!  Our protocol to receive tips is that the visitor/group presents his tip to our accounting office to make sure that it is distributed fairly among all the Posada staff who served you during the week.  Our recommendation is that each traveler consider a $10 tip for the week.  This protocol also protects our commitment to transparency and accountability.  

How far in advance should I purchase airfare?

Mission Lazarus

Airline tickets should be reserved at least 90 days in advance of your travel.  All travelers should have applied for passports (or renewed passports which will expire in less than 6 months by date of travel) and all travelers should have begun vaccinations by this time.  Check here for recommended vaccinations for Honduras and Haiti.