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Why can't we give away gifts, candy, money, etc?

Mission Lazarus

We ask that you do not distribute gifts in any form (including candy, money, or tips) directly to staff or program recipients unless express permission has been granted and distribution is directed by our program director. Random gifts without context promote dependence and entitlement, degrade the dignity of persons, and cause jealousy and covetousness. 

If you see an ancillary need that you wish to help with (Ancillary needs are needs which exist but are not the target of intervention for the mission team or volunteer) such as buying shoes for a child or food for a needy family, you should direct your inquiry to the Director of Operations for guidance, who will investigate the need by coordinating with the local preacher, who knows the needs of the families in his community. By coordinating with the local church, the preacher can help the family in such a way as to give the glory to God through the church.