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Latrines - why?

Mission Lazarus

According to UNICEF, "Around the world, poor sanitation remains a major threat to development, impacting countries’ progress in health, education, gender equity, and social and economic development. Globally, 1.2 billion, almost a fifth of the world’s population, practice open defecation.  Open defecation and its public health, social and economic impacts, can create a vicious cycle of illness, high expenditure on health care, lost work and school hours, and poverty."

Our Latrine Initiative has constructed household latrines in conjunction with basic hygiene teaching in a number of communities.  Every latrine built is part of a larger community goal to achieve total sanitation and 100% containment of feces.  

A community where every family has a latrine or toilet decreases the transmission of intestinal parasites, which, especially for children, improves nutrition, decreases school absences, and increases academic success.  

Whenever church presence can be the stimulus of community development, it reveals itself as an authentic partner in the improvement of quality of life for individuals and families.  And that is something to smile about, don't you think?