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(Most) Frequently Asked Questions



When was Mission Lazarus founded?
Why Honduras?
Why Haiti?
What is the significance of the name “Mission Lazarus”?

Getting Involved
Do you accept gifts in kind?
Do you have internships?

Lazarus Artisan Goods and San Lazaro Coffee
Where do you sell the leather goods and coffee made in Honduras and Haiti?

Our Philosophy in Practice
What is human development?
What kills more people each year - infectious or non-communicable diseases?
What keeps people from seeking health care services?
What does the Haitian national healthcare system look like?
What does the Honduran national healthcare system look like?

For Volunteers and Trip Participants

Where will we stay?
What airport will we fly into?
How far in advance should I purchase airfare?
What is the dress code and why?
How much money should I bring and what is the exchange rate?
Should we tip the Posada staff?

Why can’t we wear open-toed shoes at the worksite?
Why do you require evacuation coverage?
Can I drive the rental truck?
Uh oh, what if the police stop me for some reason?
Why can’t we ride in the back of trucks?
What vaccinations should I get?
Do I have to take medicine to prevent malaria?
Yikes, what about Zika?

What should we expect during a typical church service?
Taking pictures in Honduras and Haiti
Why can’t we just play with children?
Can we give away gifts, candy, money, etc.?

Who qualifies as a medical volunteer?
Why do we have to ask permission from the patient to take a picture?
Why do they use latrines?
What aspects of documentation is the medical volunteer responsible for?
What impact do medical volunteers have on health outcomes?
What purpose does the medical volunteer serve?