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Founders English

Jarrod & Allison Brown started working in Honduras in 2002.  Since then, Mission Lazarus has become a non-profit organization employing over 120 people and serving in the countries of Honduras and Haiti. 


Founders Jarrod and Allison Brown began serving the people of Honduras as a missionary couple in 2003.  Their first priority was to put down roots in the country they committed to serve. By connecting with local leaders in the community, they saw unmet needs and potential opportunities. 

They founded Mission Lazarus to leverage the strengths and resources already in existence and to support and develop local leadership through relationship and mutual accountability. 

After 10 years of developing a sustainable leadership model in Honduras, Mission Lazarus expanded its reach to Haiti in 2012.

Jarrod and Allison continue to play a consulting role for key leadership in their own organization, as well as provide consulting services for other organizations from their home base in Franklin, Tennessee.  Their awesome kids, Sol and Levi, are travel and language enthusiasts.