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Refuge Home 1


Take a Peek at Refuge Home Life

Home is being loved “as you are.” It is that safe space of belonging where each one can battle his or her struggles without shame while also discovering his or her purpose and place in the world. Home is forever a place of refuge.


Left to Right: Tia Karen, Asly (12), Tia Adriana, Cristofer (13), Elmer (13), Katy (12), Jeiso (16), Marcela (18), Aslyn (11), Tia Fanny.


Get to Know our Housemothers

Fanny Cruz

I have worked in this project for three years and four months. I consider myself hardworking, especially in adversity, and I am affectionate and patient. I’m steady — as I am one day, I am the next. I have an 18yo daughter, Karla, who is beautiful inside and out and has big dreams for the future. She would like to go to college.

My favorite verse is “I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me.” This helps me often in times of adversity.

Please pray for my family and that I can send my daughter to college. Pray that God continues to provide strength to serve Him in the Refuge through the lives of the Refuge residents.

Karen Espinal

I’m a really friendly, happy, responsible, honest, and affectionate person but above all things I am a woman who fears God. I’ve worked at the Refuge for three years. I think I’m the unofficial music director, because I love to sing so much. My own children turned out a lot like me - they are outgoing and love to serve others. I’m so proud of who they are.

In the Old Testament I love Psalm 23 and in the New Testament, I often read Philippians when I need to remember that God provides strength to carry out His plans.

Please pray for my family that we each continue to grow in our spiritual life, and for my mother’s health. Also for the future of each child at the Refuge as well as my children’s.

Adriana Mendez

I have almost three years of experience working in the Refuge. At first it was really hard to work and sleep in a home that was not my own, and I cried a lot. But God helped me to adapt, and I have learned so much about parenting that I didn’t know before working here. Now I see myself as responsible and enthusiastic in my work. I have four teenagers at home, whom I am very proud of.

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearch-able things you do not know. Jeremiah 33:3

Please pray that my husband and I can support our kids to go to college and that God blesses their dreams and goals for the future.

Celebrate each Journey

We find ways to value all of life’s experiences. We readily celebrate our strengths and successes, and reluctantly learn from our weaknesses and failures. We readily admit that we are probably the messiest home in the Refuge. Asly, Cristofer, Jeiso and Marcela are all very smart but very disorganized. Aslyn is very shy unlike her brother Elmer, who is very social and a real joker. Katy usually stays in the spotlight, because of her special needs. We get along well most of the time but sometimes, it’s fun to pick fights with each other, or complain and try to get out of doing our chores. Since Katy needs so much attention, sometimes we take advantage of that and get away with things without our tias even knowing about it!


Discover their Dreams

Take a peek at the future that each resident envisions for himself/herself: Asly wants to become an English teacher and work full-time to support her family. Cristofer wants to become an artist, travel to another country to study art, and open an art school. Elmer wants to become a chef and own his own restaurant so that he can provide employment to others. Jeiso wants to become an agricultural engineer, and have his own small farm to raise crops and animals. Marcela is interested in psychology and also wants to own her own hair salon to provide employment to others. Aslyn wants to become a veterinarian, which means studying in another country because Honduras has no veterinary schools. One thing all of our residents have in common is a desire to make their families and their community better.

Looking up scripture at an evening devotional.

Looking up scripture at an evening devotional.


Pray for Tomorrow

1. We are a home with special needs. Katy requires one-on-one care due to extraordinary physical disability. This means helping with the activities of daily living like dressing and toileting, being on a special diet, taking medication three times a day, and doing PT and OT exercises twice each day.

2. Transitions. Next year Asly will be entering middle school, and her older sister Marcela will transition to our home for young adults, as she “ages out” of government custody. We will continue her residential and academic support until she can become an independent professional. We are looking for additional support for her college fund.

3. Away from home. Jeiso attends a boarding school that specializes in agronomy studies. Its graduates are often accepted to Zamorano University, the best agriculture university in Honduras. He is completing his first year of a three year program.


You make family life possible! Thank you for your support!