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Refuge Home 2


Take a Peek at Refuge Home Life

Home is being loved “as you are.” It is that safe space of belonging where each one can battle his or her struggles without shame while also discovering his or her purpose and place in the world. Home is forever a place of refuge.


Left to Right: Lidia Nahomy (7), Tia Maria, Rudys (7), Katherin (12), Brenda (16), Genesis (7), Tia Rina, Yordan (14), Jocsan (9), Tia Gladys.


Get to Know our Housemothers

Rina Espinal

This past July marked four years that I have worked in the Refuge. I describe myself as a quiet God-fearing woman. I am married with three beautiful daughters and one grandchild. Working here I have learned to be a very patient woman. I am grateful to everyone who supports this project because it not only blesses the children here but also our own families.

My favorite Bible passage is Psalm 23. “I will fear no evil.”

Please pray for every housemother because it is only with God’s help that we can work harmoniously together. Also, pray that I can re-open my own small business while working at the Refuge, because this job has been such a blessing to me and my family.

Gladys Guillen

Hi, I’ve worked at the Refuge nearly three years, and I want to say that I really identify with the kids here because I was not raised by my parents, but by my grandparents. They couldn’t give me much, but they loved me generously, which is more important than material things. These kids are a generation destined to become more blessed by God than the generation before them.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9

Please pray for my daughter, Beverly. I am a single mother and she is in her first year of college. She has always been my reason to keep fighting for a better life with God’s blessing.

Maria Isabel Izaguirre

I have almost three years of experience working in the Refuge. I am a single mom and live in Choluteca with my aunt, my son Luis, who is 8, and my adopted daughter, Josselin, who is 16. I also support my parents. I am a God-fearing woman who likes to help others, and I work hard to be a trustworthy person. I am greatly blessed spiritually to work here.

I can do all things through Him who gives me strength. Phil 4:13

I have bought a small piece of property, and am saving money to build my own house. Please pray that I can be a good financial steward. I know that with God, all things are possible.

Celebrate each Journey

We find ways to value all of life’s experiences. We readily celebrate our strengths and successes, and reluctantly learn from our weaknesses and failures. Brenda is our “first born” and is very kind and maternal, and a bit timid. She loves to read and write. Her brother Yordan is funny and sociable and is great at math, but he’s so messy he has trouble finishing work. Their sister Katherin is almost as messy as Yordan but she is very conscientious to finish her work. Genesis could teach them both a thing or two about neatness and organization. She is super smart, sociable and always on the honor roll. Rudys is a handsome charming gentleman but so hyperactive it affects his school performance. Lidia and Jocsan are brother and sister and share many of the same tendencies. They are both learning basic life skills to replace their habits of tantrums and fighting.


Discover their Dreams

Take a peek at the future that each resident envisions for himself/herself: Brenda wants to become a lawyer and have a family. She is determined to take advantage of every opportunity she has in the Refuge. Yordan wants to become an agricultural engineer, and Katerin wants to become a doctor to help those who need it the most. Genesis wants to be an English teacher and a mentor to inspire others. Rudys continues to dream of being a star soccer player. Jocsan looks up to Yordan so much, he also wants to be an agricultural engineer. Little Lidia insists one day she will become a registered nurse. The one common thread that we hear from each one is their desire to support their families and make their community better.

Looking up scripture at an evening devotional.

Looking up scripture at an evening devotional.

Pray for Tomorrow

1. We are a home with special needs. One of our residents receives treatment for epilepsy, and another for severe ADHD. They both see medical specialists and a psychologist on a regular basis.

2. Transitions. Next year Katerin will be entering middle school.

3. Other news. Brenda is scheduled for a minor surgery soon and we pray that God will help her recover quickly without complication. She will graduate two years from now.


You make family life possible! Thank you for your support!