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Refuge Home 5


Take a Peek at Refuge Home Life

Home is being loved “as you are.” It is that safe space of belonging where each one can battle his or her struggles without shame while also discovering his or her purpose and place in the world. Home is forever a place of refuge.


Left to Right: Tia Elquis, Keynis (11), Tia Miriam, Sandra (10), Ruben (14), Yasmin (13), Asiria (18), Gaby (16), Elvin (10), Geovanny (15), Tia Rossana.


Get to Know our Housemothers

Mirian Azucena Gomez

I have worked in this project for two and a half years, and try to be a living example to the kids in my attitudes and conduct. I consider myself loving and strict at the same time. I have a teenage daughter and a 10yo son. I have always worked hard to prioritize their education, because our family comes from very humble circumstances. My children are respectful of others and of God. I am very proud of them.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” -Joshua 1:9

Please pray for our family’s continued blessing and for the academic success of my children!

Rossana Valeska Portillo

Hi! I’ve worked in the Refuge for two years. I try to give 100% in whatever I do, because I believe that God should govern every part of my life. I believe that values are transmitted through the family, and I want to pass those on in this project as well as at home. I have a daughter named Johana who is 13 and a 6yo nephew, Ramon, who is like a son. They are loving and respectful and are the biggest blessing in my life.

My favorite chapter of the Bible is Psalm 23. In good times and in bad, the Lord promises to be present, and one day, “I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” Amen.

Please pray for my family and that we may continue to grow in our spiritual life!

Elquis Sarahi Sandoval

I am the newest caregiver at the Refuge, have been working just shy of a year. I love God and believe that the next generation is going to change the world. I am a happy and loving person, but admit I can have a temper at times. I love changes, especially advances in technology and fashion. I have a 4yo niece named Ariana whom I love like a daughter. I want to see her grow up and fulfill God’s plan for her life.

All of the Bible is instructive but in the New Testament I especially like Romans 8 that reminds us to live in the Spirit because we are free in Christ, and that nothing can separate us from His love.

Please pray that my family will come to know Christ and for myself, that I can soon build my own home.

Celebrate each Journey

We find ways to value all of life’s experiences. We readily celebrate our strengths and successes, and reluctantly learn from our weaknesses and failures. Elvin Santos is the youngest, but he is a natural leader and often leads family prayers. Gaby is smart and funny, and Yasmin reminds us to be sweet and affectionate to everyone. Ruben, Geovanny, and Asiria are athletic, but Asiria’s greatest influence is that she is contemplative and reserved. Sandra always brings a smile and is a great helper. Unfortunately, the only resident who is neat and organized is Keynis. Sometimes we feel lazy and complain about doing chores or homework, but our housemothers make it easier by helping us and creating competitions out of it.


Discover their Dreams

Take a peek at the future that each resident envisions for himself/herself: Asiria wants to have a family, own her own home, and be an agricultural engineer. Gaby aspires to be a lawyer who speaks several languages and have a family that loves to travel. Ruben and Geovanny envision a similar future: to be a successful mechanic and have a beautiful wife and kids. You will be able to tell them apart because Ruben would also like to be a songwriter when he’s not in his car shop. Yasmin intends to become a stylist. She wants to learn both English and Chinese, and travel to London and China. Keynis sees herself as a dance teacher in the future who loves to cook for her husband and three kids, and her sister Sandra hopes to have a family and be a fashion model. Elvin has been inspired early in life to become a doctor, raise a family, and preach the Word of God.

Looking up scripture at an evening devotional.

Looking up scripture at an evening devotional.

Pray for Tomorrow

1. We are a home with special needs. Four of our residents take permanent medications to prevent serious health complications (vision loss, seizures, and a heart condition.) Additionally, two require occupational therapy and speech/language reinforcement.

2. Transitions. Next year Asiria will reside in our home for young adults, as she “ages out” of government custody. We will continue her residential and academic support until she can become an independent professional. We are looking for additional support for her college fund.


You make family life possible! Thank you for your support!