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Refuge Transition Home


Take a Peek at Refuge Home Life

Home is being loved “as you are.” It is that safe space of belonging where each one can battle his or her struggles without shame while also discovering his or her purpose and place in the world. Home is forever a place of refuge.


Left to Right: Carolina(19), Angelica(19), Selvin(19), Counselors Alejandrina and Fidelina, and Luis Enrique(20). Not pictured (because they are studying hard at school): Iris(20), Greysi(20), and Yolanda(23).


Get to Know our Counselors

Alejandrina Maradiaga

I’ve worked at the Refuge for eight years and four months. I am hardworking and have overcome many challenges and trials in my life because God has always been with me. I am an affectionate, patient, friendly person with a gift of serving others. I have four daughters, Carmen, 27, Celenia, 25, Suyapa, 23, and Nelsy, 20. When I was first hired to work at the Refuge I was going through a financial crisis in my home. I remember that I worked hard so that I could take home my check on payday. Over time, I noticed that I began to do my job because of my love for the children and adolescents. It wasn’t the paycheck that motivated me anymore. I give thanks to God that He still has me here, continuing to serve the residents at the Refuge.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9

Please pray for my spiritual life, for Mission Lazarus, and for two of our residents, Yasmin and Katy, who both have chronic illnesses that affect their quality of life.

Fidelina Larios

I’ve worked at the Refuge for just over a year. I am a God-fearing person, serious, responsible, and I love to help others in need. I’m a single mom and I feel really proud because with God’s help, I believe I am giving my children a good example of how to live, despite everything. I have two girls, Fabiola, 14, and Saydi, 9. I thank God every day for our little family. They love God and follow the example that I and their grandmother model for them. When I came to the mission for a job, I never imagined all of the things I would learn, above all things, how I would mature spiritually. I still have much more to learn, but I thank God that He has given me the opportunity in my workplace to get to know God, and His word, more profoundly.

I love Psalm 23, because at the end of our earthly trials, “Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

Please pray for my family, and I will pray for those who give to the work of God in this place, that He will open every door that your hands touch. God bless you!

Celebrate each Journey

We find ways to value all of life’s experiences. Our home is different than the others in that it is for our residents as they legally “age out” of care but have not yet completed their high school, vocational, or university studies. The environment is intentionally different so that these residents gradually acquire greater personal and communal responsibility for successful independence. This includes learning skills such as time management, finances, cooking, negotiating living space and home chores, working part-time, tolerating different personalities, and communicating maturely with other adults, in addition to handling their personal academic load.


Discover their Dreams

Walking towards a bright future: Angelica has one more year of high school. She wants to continue studying to become a psychologist. Eventually she wants to open her own clinic to help others. Iris and Carolina graduated from high school this year. Iris has declared her college major in computer science and will begin classes in February. She wants to own her own company and makes lots of money so that she can help other children who have limited resources, as she did. Carolina said goodbye to us a few weeks after graduation with plans to marry her boyfriend, Milton, and live in Tegucigalpa. She plans to work and put herself through nursing school. Greysi finished her freshman year of college and plans to study medicine. She is intelligent and hardworking, and more than anything, grateful for the opportunity that God has given her through the Refuge. Yolanda struggles periodically with self-doubt and varying degrees of self-motivation. As we struggle together and she continues to learn life skills, we have reduced her class load significantly and have incorporated an internship at the mission as a controlled opportunity to develop professional experience, as well as to give her greater access to positive mentors. Last but not least, Selvin and Luis Enrique (who stick together and stay out of the way of the gaggle of girls they live with) both graduated from our vocational program this year. They will enroll in 10th grade together and continue to work part-time on the ranch. Luis Enrique plans to go into the leather crafting business with his twin brother once he graduates. Selvin changes his mind constantly due to the non-stop influx of ideas that he has for his future. His most recent enthusiasms include leather crafting, agriculture, world events, and the word of God.

Looking up scripture at an evening devotional.

Looking up scripture at an evening devotional.

Pray for Tomorrow

1. We are an “adult” home. Our residents occupy a strange space - suddenly legal adults but with an as yet incomplete toolset to care for themselves financially due to past interrupted academic study. Our home is playing “catch up” both academically and psychologically. Young adulthood is an especially stressful time for our residents as they begin to cope with the effects that earlier childhood traumas continue to have on their life.

2. Technology culture. Many negative influences are literally at our residents’ fingertips; some are just an internet query away. We can’t shield them from every temptation. Pray for their wisdom and self-control, especially in the face of peer pressure.

3. Transitions. Next year (in February) Angelica will begin her senior year of high school, and Iris will begin college. We are looking for additional support for their college funds.


You make family life possible! Thank you for your support!